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We build and maintain stunning websites from the ground up.


You can trust SidMedia today - whether you're just starting up online or already have a website.  We're here for you.


#WeAreSidMedia and we're here for your start-up adventure, your well known local business, your heart warming non-profit organisation, and - most importantly - you.


We take your ideas, visions and turn them into a stunning website with powerful, bespoke features - just for you. Helping you grow online, from sales to volunteers, with a range of professional tools.

SidMedia is all about creating stunning websites and projects, at affordable and competitive prices that suit a range businesses and organizations from brand new start-ups to well established local businesses.

We define ourselves and SidMedia as a Web Design agency, and we work with local freelancers. They help us keep prices competitive, as well as supporting local talent. We don't overcharge or hide any costs - everything is up front and honest.

A website for you, that suits you.

We create websites with you at the forefront of its purpose and design.

Want to sell your goods online? Get going with an eCommerce site1. How about sharing your story? Opt for a blog. Opening a new business and want to start promoting it and the work you do? Easy, we offer powerful SEO services to get you higher on the search rankings.

Whatever your needs, we've got you covered.

Every website we build is Web Ready.

For Desktop and Mobile devices

Every website we build is compatible for both Desktop and Mobile devices to give your customers the best web experience - regardless of the device they're using. This comes at no extra cost. 

Pages, with no limits

Whilst building your website, there are no limits to the amount of pages you can have on your site.


When using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) sites, data is encrypted and authenticated and therefore secured.

A Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL certificate, allows your customers to view your site over an HTTPS connection. It secures the connection between your browser and the site you’re visiting.

SidMedia never compromise on your website security, and that's why this comes as standard.

Make it personal,

connect your own domain.

Keep your customers returning with an easy to remember domain name. Your domain name is completely unique2 to you - the only one in the world in fact. Choose from a range of available domain names online.


Unlock even more with your own domain with G Suite from Google. Get personalised email address for your business so your customers know how and who they're speaking to.3

Privacy is key,

and part of what we do.

Your privacy is important to us and your customer privacy too. SidMedia strive to lead in data protection in the work we do online.

As well as HTTPS and SSL for your website, we keep your information secure within our organization.

Built for the future, and

designed for you to take over.

We use a range of services and tools to design, create and host your website and other services. These services give you the option to eventually take over the running of your own site. 4

Building your website

We're proud to be Wix Partner's and we've been working on Wix since we started in 2015. We've grown in confident using Wix's amazing Editor, using traditional web element creating tools to advance Wix Corvid coding to enhance your website, and trust in the service - as they've provided faultless support to us over the years.

Not only are we pro's using Wix, but we also are familiar with Weebly and SquareSpace, and we're starting to use Webflow.

Providing you professional services

We purchase domains mainly from the provider of your website. We do this for a couple of reasons; one being should you decide you want to take over yourself, it means your website and domain are all in one place for you to easily manage.

At SidMedia, we offer a range of professional complimentary services for you such as G Suite by Google for mailbox services. Purchased directly from Google or via a third-party, whichever suits you, and your plan, best.

It's not everyday you start something amazing!

By choosing SidMedia your vision is reality before you know it. We can't wait for you to share and use your new website. So, don't waste a moment more, let us know some details about the website you want to start creating with SidMedia and we'll be in touch soon!

Let's hear everything about your website.

Please give us your best answer possible, we'll need to know what you want your site to do, look and feel like - to make it truly unique.

What is the primary function of your website?

The primary function of your website is the main reason why you want to create a website in the first place. You can add secondary functions too and as many as you want.

What would you like your website to look like?

Simply check out a couple of website that are similar to the primary function of yours and link your favourite.

What features made the website you choose your favourite?

Consider the features on that website that you enjoyed most. Did those features improve your experience? If those features weren't there, would you still enjoy the website?

Do you have a budget in mind?

At this stage, this might just be a rough idea of the maximum amount you'd spend on your website. Of course, every website is different and so will the time spent building it and it's overall cost.


The legal info and terms.

1. eCommerce features are paid services and may include variable transaction rates. eCommerce features supplied, and transaction processed, by a third-party service provider such as SidMedia may have some, limited, access to enable data processing, optimisation and modification.

2. Domain is 'exclusive' by name and extension and when purchasing a new domain. Other service terms and availability apply.


3. G Suite services may be sold separately from domain name purchase. G Suite services are provided and hosted by a third-party service provider, Google. Subject to annual renewal, at variable rates, via third-party service suppliers (other than Google) such as and Weebly.

4. Ownership Transfer Request and Fee applicable to own a site/project. This fee is variable. Minimum term with SidMedia is 12-months before you can make a request.

Web Ready features available at no additional cost for every project - subject to terms.

#WeAreSidMedia and we're here for your start-up adventure, your well known local business, your heart warming non-profit organisation, and - most importantly - you.

We take your ideas, visions and turn them into a stunning website with powerful, bespoke features - just for you. Helping you grow online, from sales to volunteers, with a range of professional tools.

Hello! Want to know more about what we do and how we can help you, or just have a question? Please feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

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