Brand Kit

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Our Brand

At SidMedia, we’re proud with every project and take it from start to finish! Our new brand is designed to ‘show-off’ and demonstrate (in a sense “echo”) our work and skills with our modern brand.


As we stand alone in a busy world and competitive market, it’s important that our brand is strong, clear and consistent across all medias from the start.


The aim of this Brand Kit guide is to help you utilise our brand correctly to enhance our appearance to all audiences.

At SidMedia, we believe that everyone should be able to share their story, grow their business or sell products and services online with ease – without costing the world too.


We work with local businesses in the Sidmouth area, and beyond, to get them online and ready for their news customers, followers or buyers using the power of a few basic web tools.


We’ve helped our clients achieve over 5.94K web impressions1 and our ambitions continue to grow with the business.

Brand Kit resources

All our resources are available to access from our website or via Google Drive. Our resources are updated whenever required and only publish our most recent versions of files - you cannot access previous resources at the moment.