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Get a copy of your data.

What's included:

Data files from our database with your details, some activities, orders, invoices, emails and some other info*.

What's not included:

  • Data exported from our database by either party.

  • Third-party data entries/exports.

  • Analytics data may be collected anonymously, so no data will be provided in this case.

*Other data may include tracking and analytics info. 

Permanently remove your data.

Security Precautions.

Your data is permanently deleted after a 7 day cooling off period. This cooling off period allows you to change your mind before we permanently delete everything.

What's included:

All data files will be removed from our database, including invoices and payment details. If you're a Client and have active Services, you will lose access to them.

What's not included:

  • Any exported data by either party.

  • Some invoice/payment records cannot be removed for accounting reasons.


You may not request a copy of your data unless you cancel your initial request - copy of data is not included.

Select Request Type search

By default, we will search SidMedia databases. We can also put in additional Request search/actions on your behalf with any of our Clients.


Please note.


Additional Requests will take longer to fulfil. We will carry out the same Request Type as selected above for the additional data search.