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Otter Vets, previously Ikin & Oxenham, changed owners and with that they needed to completely redesign their brand.

We worked closely with Otter Vets to ensure the site felt familiar to previous clients of Ikin & Oxenham but new, while matching the new brand.

SidMedia have achieved this by not only following the desires of Otter Vets but also suggesting new ideas that they love! One of those is the 'Register your Pet' feature now available - not previously seen on Ikin & Oxenham. We feel this is a great for their clients to join quickly and with ease - why not give it ago if you're not already a client?

We highly recommend this veterinary practice for a number of reasons from great, quality and care with pets but also how flexible and easy they were to work with as a client as we developed their website.


1st Sid Vale Scout Group is Sidmouth's local Scout group for everyone to get involved with - from any age. Founded in 1913 it provides young people the chance to learn skills they wouldn't normally get to in the classroom and give them experiences they'll never forget such as sleeping under the stars, hikes and much more.

Their brand new Scout Hut Centre, was a chance for SidMedia to help bring them up-to-date with a brand new website with information about hiring the new hut, a booking system which is easy to manage and view at a glance.

SidMedia have also been working closely with 1st Sid Vale Scout Group to bring beautiful photos to their site and brand along with new ways of marketing/branding online.


#WeAreSidMedia and Community Matters

1st Sid Vale is Sidmouth's local Scout Group. Scouting is a worldwide movement, and a non-profit organization.

At SidMedia, for great causes, charities and non-profit organizations, we go above and beyond to help them tell their story or inspire others with affordable plans - tailored just for them.

Contact us today, and we'll start putting a plan together for your cause.

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If you can't find the inspiration you need here, quickly reach out to us and we'll be more than happy to give you a few ideas.

Stouts represents four different businesses in Sidmouth all owned by the same family, the Stouts. They own and manage; Mocha Restaurant, Ice Cream Paradise, Prospect Plaice and All Seasons.

For the first time ever, these businesses will have a wonderful online presence where people using services such as Google Maps will be able to follow links to the site and related business. People visiting the Sidmouth will be able to find important information like opening hours, menu and what they have to offer in a few clicks.

Our photographer has taken beautiful photos of each business which really show it off! We've even recorded a special video for the home page background - haven't seen it yet, click here.

We work with each of the Stouts businesses individually to keep their website up-to-date but also manage their Facebook page and other key branding items such as flyers and promotional content.



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