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Important Information from SidMedia regarding Coronavirus.

We've made some significant changes to our Coronavirus response; please take a moment to review them and how they may affect you.

As lockdown is being eased and new 'track and trace' systems from the UK Government are rolled out and used, we believe - in accordance with Government advice - we can resume some of our previous suspended, or changed, services. Please pay close attention as some services and our availability may differ on your status with SidMedia.

For everyone:

  • We're still operating revised Support hours; email only: Weekdays (excluding bank holidays), 10am - 4pm.

  • We remain unavailable to accept any new work. Our sales team are not available at this time.

For our general users of SidMedia services:

  • Restrictions remain on our telephone support service. Please contact us via support@websidmedia.com

  • Face-to-face meetings and site visits for new or potential clients are restricted and other meeting methods are considered first to aid with social distancing.

For our existing Clients:

  • Most services have returned to normal by now for you. Any services not yet available will be launching again over the coming days.

  • We are carrying out essential site visits, installs and support where remote support is not available or suitable. All social distancing rules are observed at all times when on any site. Visits are limited to a maximum of  4 people per site visit/meeting.

  • Further information can be gained from your Project Manager.

For people working with or for SidMedia:

  • User requests for Device Loaning remains unavailable. This is to help combat the spread of the virus. Staff must request device access from their line manager, who'll approve the device loan.

We are continuing to revise all of our services and, as a result, there may be some temporary downtime. We want to prioritise our time and availability to keep key elements working for our Clients and ourselves and, by doing so, this means some of our less essential services may be temporarily closed or not updated until further notice. However we'll do our best to keep everything running as normal and, where we can't, we'll try and let you know as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during these unprecedented times. Please remember to follow the latest Government advice and from the SidMedia team, Stay Well.

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