Security Risk-Rating

For SidMedia, our Services, Staff , Clients, End-Users and Clients End-Users. 

Right now, there is a


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What does this mean?

There is no risk to SidMedia.

Report something suspicious.

Security, and keeping your Service's safe, is our top priority. You can report, in confidence, any concerns you have about security or if you've noticed something suspicious. Contact our team now.


In the unlikely event of a Security related threat to SidMedia, we'll issue a Risk-Rating. This Risk determines the response from SidMedia and actions we'll take, and ask you to take during or after the incident.

We have 5 different ratings, and you'll always see one of them active.


An UNDETERMINED RISK means we don’t yet know enough details to apply a meaningful Risk-Rating. As an incident unfolds, you should see the Rating change from this to another within the hour.


In a HIGH RISK incident, we know there is a direct threat to the entirety of SidMedia, our Services and/or Clients. We also know that some of our Services will or are currently being affected. We strongly suggest to change passwords and check for any suspicious activity, reporting anything quickly.


MEDIUM RISK incident will pose a direct threat to some of SidMedia’s Services and Clients.


We may class a security incident LOW RISK for any of the following reasons if:


  • the incident is new and just unfolding, with limited information available;

  • SidMedia have been aware of the incident since the beginning but only if we’ve been directly involved; or

  • SidMedia and parties involved are confident there is no direct risk to our Services and Clients in any way.


When there is NO RISK, this means simply that we can confirm that there is no risk presently or in foreseeable future to: you, any of your services (including your website and domain), or any of your personal information or data from any of your services directly or indirectly. There is no action required by either party, other than normal service monitoring from SidMedia.