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Terms of Use

Members of Staff (employees) may be allocated a portable laptop or desktop device for work-related activities, services, features and programs adopted by SidMedia.

​Employer Responsibility
SidMedia have taken all the appropriate measures to ensure Device's are secure whenever connected to our internal network or an external network. We use security software to enable this. Anti-virus software on Windows Device's works with Windows Defender to keep the Device safe. All our activity is recorded on the Device for security reason and is only ever reviewed if the Terms of Use are breached or there is Policy Violation. Most Devices are GPS tracked however the device must be on and connected to the internet.

All our Devices and Accounts are monitored remotely using a third-party application. Users are forbidden to attempt to remove, stop or otherwise interruption to the running/operation of this application. All activity is recorded and some screenshots are taken periodically .

SidMedia have also taken appropriate measures to prevent adult content, for example, appearing on the Device. Again, security software handles this. However, SidMedia cannot - and will not - be held responsible if an Employee accesses such content on the Device - however accessed.

Employee Responsibility
Each employee provided with a laptop or desktop device by SidMedia is responsible for the physical security of the laptop. All laptops acquired for or on behalf of SidMedia are deemed to be company property.

Using any Device to access, download or view any inappropriate content is prohibited and Users are reminded that all Devices are monitored and content accessed is also recorded. Accessing inappropriate content will lead to disciplinary action.

Employees may receive training and instructions on how to use and secure the laptop then they maybe required to complete this training prior to being assigned a laptop. If possible, employees must avoid leaving their laptops unattended. If they must do so temporarily, the laptop must be placed out of sight. Laptops that will not be used for several days or longer must be locked out of sight. Desktop devices should be locked whenever unattended and shut down when left for long periods of time.

Device Use

  • Only use the Device for work related tasks

  • Do not access any personal (non-work related) accounts

  • Do not attempt to download or install any software/applications

  • Do not attempt to configure any preset security features or bypass them

Please also note that:

  • If you're using, or connection to, a SidMedia internal networks via your loaned Device or personal device, you agree to the General Terms of Use Policy for IT.

  • All activity on the Device is recorded.

  • The Device may be tracked using GPS and Internet to determine its location which can be accessed by only approved staff members. It's may purpose to track down lost or stolen Devices.

  • If there is a problem with the Device, please contact IT to resolve it.

  • If an employee fails to report damage to a Device, or a concern about a Device, which leads to the Device failing or further damage, 

Security Policy

As mentioned in our Terms of Use, the Laptop should be placed out of sight whenever unattended and Desktop devices should be locked or shut down whenever unattended for hours.

On the device, there may be restrictions of certain applications, features or functions. This is to ensure a high level of security to prevent malicious programs/software. Attempting to bypass or override any restrictions in place on the device is a breach of the Policy Violations.

Passwords should never be stored on the device nor should you access any personal accounts. This is because another member of staff may have access to that account in the future should you forget to log out.

Violating the Terms of Use or Security Policy

Violation of this policy may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. If an employee’s laptop is lost or stolen, the employee will be responsible for the cost of replacing the laptop.

By your continued use of this device, you agree to our Computer Security Policy and to agree to the liability of the Device, for instance, the deduction of wages due to the theft of the Device, return damaged or unsafe for use due to software risks (virus etc) or physical damage.

Unauthorised access and use of this system is prohibited.

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