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This statement was last updated in October 2020.

Welcome to our Cookie Statement!

Our website uses cookies to enhance the user experience, however the user has the final say about the use of cookies on this website.

We're committed to improving the users experience on our website or when using any SidMedia Service and part of the online services we offer require the fundamental implementation of cookies. However, the user has complete control of the cookies and which to accept (and use) and decline (block, delete or not use).

This statement outlines the cookies we use on this website and some SidMedia Services and how the user can control them.

Introduction to our Statement

Our website may use cookies to enhance the user experience or in order to allow our website to operate as intended. This statement outlines how we use cookies on our website. Neither does this statement nor our Privacy Policy cover the use of cookies by any unauthorised third-party services, embedded content, advertisers and/or providers on our website.

What's new

Compared to our previous Cookies Statement (v1.01), a few things have changed in this release of our Cookie Statement (v1.05) for October 2020:

  • Changes from our service provider,, in their use of cookie and how users can give consent to the use of those cookies have changed the types of cookies that they place on websites created on to enable this functionality.

  • New guidance on user control of cookies before they are placed on their device and used by our website.

  • Some cookies placed by our service provider have changed from functional to necessary.

  • To match our service providers terminology, we have changed the following terms: “necessary” to “essential”.

  • New Contact SidMedia section with helpful information to contact us.

What are Cookies?

User’s web browsers places cookies, requested by our site, on their device for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about them. Learn more here;

Types of Cookies

Cookies all serve different purposes and are classified according to their type, duration, and what category they fall under. The list below lists all the types, duration length, and categories with detail and description.


First-Party cookies

Cookies that Wix, our website host, places on this site.

Third-Party cookies

Cookies that are placed and used by third-parties, excluding Wix first-party cookies and from SidMedia.

Duration (or Expiration Time)

Session (transient) cookies

These cookies are erased when site visitors close their browsers and are not used to collect information from their computers. They typically store information in the form of a session identification that does not personally identify the user.

Persistent (permanent or stored) cookies

These cookies are stored on a site visitor's hard drive until they expire (at a set expiration date) or until they are deleted. These cookies are used to collect identifying information about the user, such as web surfing behaviour or user preferences for a specific site.


Essential cookies

These cookies are vital to keeping a website running smoothly. They are placed by our service provider,, for a variety of reasons; to gain consent regarding the use of other functional cookies, or for security reasons. Opting to not use these cookies will make the website unusable and as a result may put the end-user at a greater security risk.

Functional cookies

These cookies are not vital but help create a better web-experience for the end-user, by remembering login details or site preferences for example. These cookies can be better controlled by the user, and they can choose to give consent to their use or not. Functional cookies will still be placed by the web developer, SidMedia, and our service provider,

First-Party Cookies

First-party cookies are those placed by our service provider They do this because our website is built on their platform – without these cookies are site would not be able to operate.

These are cookies required. The table below the cookie.

Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 16.40.38.png

Our website is SSL secured. All information collected is stored securely on our network or on our online services, third-party applications.

Third-Party Cookies

Please refer to the Additional Cookies section.

Additional Cookies

Our website may host additional cookies to enhance the user experience and provide better analytics information to the developers to monitor traffic flow, among other reasons. Any other cookies are listed below:

1. Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics Tracking tracks where our Users come from and what they do on our site. Users IP addresses are anonymised, and Google will never save a full copy of any IP address.


We use this data to gain insights and improve the functionality of our website – this data is not currently being used for marketing purposes. Our website, also, does not use targeted advertising (“Ads”), therefore there is no option to make any changes to your ‘targeted Ads’ preferences on our website.


Opt-Out Browser add-on, download and learn more here;

Additional Cookies - Google Analytics gtag.js and analytics.js
Additional Cookies - Google Analytics ga.js
Additional Cookies - Google Analytics Optimize

For more information about Google Analytics Tracking cookies, please refer to;

User Cookie Controls

Before accessing our website,, you’ll be able to review the cookies used on your device before they are placed – now your ‘cookie consent’.

When first accessing our website, you’ll be presented with our cookie banner. This banner will give you the ability to accept the cookies and also view cookie settings.

In the ‘Advanced Cookie Settings’ page of the banner, you’ll see the following cookie topics:

Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 16.45.17.png

From the cookie banner, you’ll also be able to access our Privacy Policy.


If you want to check the cookies in use on this website, simply click on the locked padlock icon in the address bar of your browser, then select the cookies option. In Google Chrome, it will show you how many cookies are in use (for example, "40 [cookies] in use").

​You may choose to set your own web browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent or used. Blocking cookies may lead to our website, and other websites, not functioning properly.

Here are some useful websites that provide information on deleting and blocking cookies.


All links working at the time of publication of this document.


Alternatively, you can visit;




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