Web Ready

Our definition of "Web Ready" features, and the Terms and Eligibility.

Definition of "Web Ready" features

SidMedia's "Web Ready" features, or sometimes referred to as "Web Ready Guarantee", is defined by the following statement:

"Every website we [SidMedia] build, is Web Ready. Web Ready are a selection of key features that make your website (in key) functional and secure. Such key features are "included as standard" are therefore at no additional cost."

The selection of key features defined as "Web Ready features" are-

  • Desktop and Mobile optimisation. This means a website will work and look well on both desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. Note: Some tablets by default load a mobile version of a website - it's up to the end-user to choose to access/request the desktop website version via their browser.

  • SSL and HTTP. These are basic web-security protocols included to ensure secure connection to a website, and data processed via a website.

  • Pages, with no limits. Some web developers may limit the amount of pages a client can have before having to pay for more. At SidMedia there are no limits on the amount of pages you can have on your site. However, alternative options may be suggested to improve website/webpage - but not limited to: loading speed, and/or functionality. 

Each new Client may receive these "Web Ready" features for their website - terms apply.

Terms and Eligibility


Each, a "Client" or "potential Client", new Client is entitled to receive SidMedia Web Ready features at no additional cost belongs as:

  • the Client is purchasing at least a 12-month service plan, or the Client is entering at least a 12-month Service Agreement;

  • the website will launch in the same year, or at least 28 days into the new year;

  • the website will be connected to a domain name within 6 days of completion; and/or

  • the invoice is paid for the service provided within the terms set.

A Client, may not receive SidMedia Web Ready features if:

  • the Client does not opt for SidMedia Web Ready features;

  • the SidMedia Web Ready features are not available at time of sale, or first contact.

SidMedia reserve the right to withdraw or charge for Web Ready features at any time if other aspects of the Service Agreement or Plan are breached. Charged rates are variable.

A Client will be notified before quote if Web Ready features are being included and at what cost, if any. 


The Client must comply/fit the ceria of the Terms.  SidMedia may choose not to offer Web Ready features in accordance with our Terms. The Client must request, if not prompted, for Web Ready features.


Our Terms are effective from 3rd May 2020 until expired.

Our Terms will expire on 3rd May 2024.

Changes to our Terms may happen without notice.